Wanaplan is an outdated service that is no longer in development. No support is provided

Simplified 2D/3D solution

Quickly and easily integrate our 2D / 3D house solution on your website, without any plugin.
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Designed to integrate custom components


Ergonomic design for the general public, and a quick start


No plugin, our solution is 100% web with WebGL


Integrate a complete 2D/3D solution with user management

Quick and easy integration

Just a short code snippet to add this solution in your website.

After that, our solution is completely autonomous.
You can also plug your users database, thanks to the users API.

A management ecosystem

You can directly manage your wanaplan :

  • Manage projects (plans), textures, menus and models
  • Capitalize your end-users
  • Develop, add and validate your custom components
  • Export your data