Create your home Create the plan of your home with the built-in editor and visualize it in 3D !
Standard HTML5 We're using bleeding edge technologies to bring you the greatest experience.
WebGL powered No plugin are required to enjoy a sweet 3D render of your house. All you need is a web browser.
Try it on Kozikaza KoziKaza is a French website who uses Wanaplan. Have a look on other people's plans and try their great collection of models and textures!

Thanks to HTML5 and WebGL: no plugin needed

Create the plan of your house or apartment with ease in our 2D editor and enjoy the result in 3D! Add objects that will give life to your creation and decorate it with wallpaper or tapestry.

Create your plan

First, you have to create your plan in our 2D editor by drawing walls, sub slopes, stairs and by adding some doors and windows.

Add furnitures

We've a large collection of 3d models that can be easily customized by changing only a few parameters. It makes it painless to create your own from a primitive or a more complex object.

And decorate...

Any scene's object can be customized with our huge collection of colors, textures and materials. Glass, metal or even grass!.. and more standard textures can be applied with a click on any wall or object.

Create your plan

Add furnitures


Modern browsers are awesome. They allowed us to create impressive applications. And with the latest standards, we created a web app which feels just like the ones you were used to install.

Web standard

HTML5 and JavaScript are the new standards for developing web application. Thanks to their new APIs such as Canvas, WebGL, File API and LocalStorage which allow us to create a nice web experience.


For several years, WebGL is available in all major browsers. It unleashes the power of your GPU in a web page to display stunning graphics.


We chose to use the best tool to provide the finest 3D experience. three.js is a great 3D framework with a lot of built-in functions that simplify JavaScript 3D development.

HTML5 logo

HTML5 logo

HTML5 logo

Wana try a version with more furnitures?

Kozikaza is a French website dedicated to home owners. You can freely try a more complete version of Wanaplan which contains a large collection of 3D models and more textures.